Candidates in the Running to Replace Putney Speak Out

Lynchburg, VA - Four candidates remain in the race for the Republican nomination to see who will succeed State Delegate Lacey Putney.

With elections just two days away, we wanted to give you a chance to get to know the candidates. Six announced plans to run, only four remain.

Meet Terry Austin, Zach Martin, Jim McKelvey, Zachary Hatcher.

The four Candidates have four different plans, but they are all vying to fill one seat.

"Zach is one who believes it's time for godly men and women to step up, and step up and take leadership roles," said candidate Zachary R. Hatcher.

"I am a successful businessman who knows what it means to manage money, state government is a business, it's a 40 billion dollar a year plus business," said candidate Jim McKelvey.

"I'm committed to faith, family, and freedom and I am going to do everything I can to represent the citizens of the 19th district I'm going to listen to your concerns and I'm going to take them to Richmond," said candidate Zach Martin.

"I'm Terry Austin, I've been involved in local government for the last 20 years, I've served 4 years on the planning commission, 16 years on the board of supervisors, I've been chairman multiple times," said candidate Terry Austin.

The four are very alike in some ways, but each has a different priority.

"My first goal is to start fighting back for states powers. Federal powers continue to grow in power, and it's the states that grant the federal government its power," Hatcher said.

"To reduce the size and scope and state government. Once again this past legislative term they had a record tax increase. Why? They are spending too much," said McKelvey.

"We need jobs in the 19th district, the bottom line is we gotta have jobs in the 19th district. Families are hurting, our unemployment rate is almost twice as high as it is in the state, we've gotta get someone in there that understands how to develop business," said Martin.

"I really don't have an agenda of anything that I would like to accomplish. I think someone has to be there for a period of time, acclimate them self to that environment, educate themselves on the topics and prepare from there," Austin said.

The primary will be this Tuesday from 6-9 p.m.

There are only three locations where registered voters can vote.

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Links to each candidate's web site are below.

Zach Martin Jim McKelvey Terry Austin Zachary Hatcher