Cancer Survivor Bicycling Across the Country to Raise Awareness

Lynchburg, VA- A man who's beaten all the odds is bringing his good luck through Lynchburg Thursday.

Randolph Westphal is originally from Germany, but his battle against cancer and his campaign to raise awareness, has brought him to the U.S.

Westphal is riding his bike across the country with his two dogs, Nanook and Chinook in tow. He has survived dozens of cancer surgeries and several serious biking accidents, but still pedals on, hoping to inspire others. He says each trip reminds him that even though he has cancer, he's still able to not only live, but thrive.

"For me it's important to show people what you can do when you have cancer. I tell always to people, 'don't sit in the corner and wait for your death, open your eyes and lift up your head. The world is beautiful," said Westphal.

All together Westphal says he's biked over 135,000 miles across several different continents. His trips are completely funded by donations.

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