Cancer Awareness Organizations React to New Research That Show Possible Cure for Cancer

Pittsylvania Co, VA-- Earlier this week a new study that could bring hope to hundreds of thousands of people made national news.

New research found that gene therapy could actually treat cancer. And as you can imagine, for cancer awareness organizations, this is news that could be life-changing.

The study is published in the Science Translational Medicine Journal.

"I was excited about hearing that news especially since Project Life deals with cancer and I said wonderful, thumbs up," said Sandy Saunders, Project Life Lead Coach.

The experiment removed certain types of white blood cells from five Leukemia patients. Researches treated the white blood cells with a series of genes, which programmed the cells to target the cancer. Those cells were then put back into the patients' bodies. According to the study, all five people went into remission.

Now the buzz is, if they can treat Leukemia like this, they may be able to use gene therapy to treat other kinds of cancers.

"Oh my gosh, wouldn't that be exciting, wouldn't that be a miracle, wouldn't that be amazing," said Melanie Vaughn, Coordinator for the Cancer Resource Center of Southern Virginia.

Vaughn works for Cancer Resource Center of Southern Virginia. It helps educate and support people with all things cancer related.

"People are not dying of the cancers they died from years ago," said Vaughn. "You know the advances made on a daily basis are tremendous and will continually be so, and will escalate as time goes on, so it's thrilling news and let's see where it goes."

And for Linda Kelly, who's a five year breast cancer survivor, this cure can't some soon enough.

"The advances that they have made just blows my mind, it's just remarkable and I think it's just a matter of time but, never soon enough, if they could find a cure tomorrow , that would be great," said Linda Kelly, Project Life Coach.

The event you just saw was put together by Project Life, which is an organization that specifically focuses on cancer awareness. Project Life is in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Shockoe Missionary Baptist Church, Bibleway Cathedral and East New Hope Baptist Church in Danville.

If you'd like to contact the Cancer Resource Center of Southern Virginia, you can call them at (434) 766 6650.