Campbell County Southbound Jamboree Canceled

Rustburg, VA - Campbell County's outdoor concert series known as the Southbound Jamboree recently announced they have canceled their season. They cite a lack of attendance as the reason.

Organizers say they simply have not made any money.

"Not one dollar," said Organizer Denny Turpin.

And that right there, ladies and gentleman, is the reason, Turpin says the show cannot go on.

"There has never been a show that the Jamboree actually profited money from," said Turpin.

The Southbound Jamboree started in July of 2012 and ran for four months featuring live bands every week. This year, they started a bit earlier, in April. They scaled back a bit with just two concerts a month, but that still did not fix the problem.

Organizers say they just did not have the foot traffic. On their slowest nights, only around 160 people would show up.

"I've done this for over a year out of my own pocket and spent $20-something thousand to try to get this thing going," said Turpin.

According to Turpin, every concert is about $2500. The money includes expenses for bands, security, alcohol, and the donation to charities.

"It is a big loss. It is a very big loss," said concert goer Tom Bushley.

Bushley is a member of the POW-MIA Riders Motorcycle Club and they raise money for The Virginia Wounded Warrior program.

"It's heartbreaking because our club, we had already been in talks with them about doing another event next year," said Bushley.

Their group scooped up $2500 this past May.

Turpin says it is rare for a group to make that much, but they received tons of donations from sponsors and a Poker Run.

"It was just a good family time that we don't really have anymore," said Bushley.

Another problem is all the rain we have been seeing lately.

Turpin says he is remaining hopeful they will be able to bring the concert back. But, they need sponsors to do so.