Update: Campbell Co. Mother and Son Kidnapped Overseas

Gerfa and Kevin Lunsmann's passports

Reporter: Jeremy Mills

Campbell Co., VA - A Campbell County woman and her son are being held captive after the pair were kidnapped Tuesday morning while vacationing in the Philippines.

The latest word is that Gerfa Lunsmann and Kevin Lunsmann are likely being held for ransom.

A Campbell County neighbor says Hiko Lunsmann told him the group is demanding $2 Million.

Gerfa's husband Hiko briefly addressed reporters outside his Rustburg home Tuesday afternoon. He had several men with him. They appeared to be U.S. agents.

He chose not to discuss the kidnapping, but family friends were more than willing to share their thoughts.

Jean Gowen shared the news with her son Zach, in front of our camera. He had an instant reaction for those who took his best friend.

"I could kill them for it," said Zach Gowen.

"Cause this was your best friend?" said Jean Gowen. "Yeah," Zach replied.

Zach says Kevin told him he was scared to go to the Philippines. His mother was born there and often made him visit with her.

"He didn't like it over there cause it wasn't safe and it was an easy place to get kidnapped or killed or anything," said Zach Gowen.

The Lunsmanns were taken by 14 armed men who raided the island where they were staying. The area is known for its anti-American sentiment.

"They disliked them horribly and they didn't trust them," said Jean Gowen.

Back in Campbell County, Hiko Lunsmann will only say he has spoken with his wife's family in the Philippines.

"Excuse me, I don't want to do any comments at the moment," said Hiko Lunsmann.

For Zach Gowen, he still can't comprehend how anyone would take his best friend.

"I mean he'd never do anything to hurt anyone or anything. I just can't believe it happened to him ," said Zach Gowen.

According to international reports, the area where they were kidnapped is a stronghold of Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic group known for taking people for ransom.

Gerfa and Hiko Lunsmann both work for Centra here in Lynchburg.

Kevin is a rising freshman at Brookville High School.