Campbell County Offers Help With Technology Devices

Campbell Co., VA - A Campbell County organization is doing what it can to ensure that people learn how to use new devices well. The library system just kicked off its "Technology Petting Zoo." It works in two ways: A 30 minute session provides assistance on technology and allows people to try out per say different devices.

Carol Driskill loves to read.

"More books in the last three years than I had ever read in my whole life," said Driskill.

But she was looking for an easier and lighter method so she turned to something else.

"Apple iPhone 4," said Driskill.

Although the idea sounded nice, she was not sure how to go about using it. So she turned to the technology petting zoo.

"She helped me download that app that allows you to do that," said Driskill. "So we downloaded a book about a dog named Wallace!"

Driskill says her session was a huge help.

"Most people have some kind of device that they don't really feel comfortable with, especially people in my age bracket," said Driskill.

Technology experts say anyone can benefit from this, not just certain age groups.

"The next person I have coming is a teenager so it does run the gamut," said Campbell County Public Library System Technology expert Jordan Welborn.

Welborn was busy teaching the tricks of technology.

"If you did receive something for Christmas and you need to figure out how it works, we'll do our best to help you do that," said Welborn.

Welborn says most people need help with the basics.

"They just want an overview of how the whole thing works," said Welborn.

In a step-by-step non-intimidating atmosphere.

"It's nice to have somebody who's patient, kind, sit down with you and actually show you though instead of trying to figure it out by reading manual on the Internet," said Welborn.

Best Buy in Lynchburg also offers technology classes. Those include: Mac basics, iPad basics, iPad intermediate, iPhone and iMovie among others. Those sessions rotate on certain Mondays and Thursdays from 5 p.m. to 6 .p.m. They can be reached at 434-239-9885.

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