Campbell County Meals Tax Does Not Pass

Campbell Co., VA - It looks like Campbell County will not see a meals tax anytime soon. Tuesday, the votes spoke loudly and the meals tax referendum was shot down 9,026 to 14,175.

It has been a huge topic for this community for months and now it is all over, at least for now.

Just to make sure you are up to speed on this issue, the meals tax referendum would have been an additional tax of up to 4% on food and beverages in the county. This money would have gone to help offset a $1.5 million dollar shortfall the school system faces for next academic school year. In fact, the school system has seen a $12.5 million reduction in state and federal funding over the past four years. Campbell County residents we spoke with seemed happy with the decision.

"I think we've all been taxed enough. So I definitely voted against it," Natasha Bayse said.

"I voted to actually not have it passed because no where did it actually say it was going to go directly to the schools, so I wasn't sure if that's exactly what it was going to be used for," Kristen Williams said.

"School districts have to make their own decisions and I understand that they have to make cuts here and there. But they shouldn't do it to the kids. I understand that the meals tax would help the kids," Ric Jordon said.

Since the referendum did not pass, the schools will be faced next year with either having to reduce expenditures an additional $1.5 million or coming back and asking the Board of Supervisors to consider raising local revenue from other sources.