Campbell County Investigators Warn Of Telephone Scam

Campbell Co, VA- You get a phone call from a Campbell County captain saying you have missed jury duty and there's a warrant for your arrest--only to learn it's a scam! The Sheriff's Office has had five reports of this since Tuesday alone. Campbell County investigators say a man is calling under the name of Sergeant Stone. He tells callers they must pay him over the phone in order to escape a warrant for their arrest. Investigators don't know who's making the calls because he is using an app that makes his number untraceable; but they want to get the word out, don't fall for it.

"We just want to make sure everyone knows that's not the way we do business," said Tracey Emerson who is an Investigator for the Campbell County Sheriff's Office.

If you miss jury duty, or if there's a warrant for your arrest, he says the sheriff's office will find you in person.

"They would never have to pay a fine over the phone with us," said Emerson.

This is what the scammer left on one woman's voicemail:

"I'm calling with the Campbell County Sheriff's Department, and I'm calling regarding two pending warrants that I have on my desk and I need to speak to somebody immediately, so please return my phone call as soon as possible, thank you have a great day."

That message left on Nancy Owens' voicemail had red flags.

"When I called it back, it immediately went to a busy signal," said Owens.

She says the man read her address incorrectly, and she knew the sheriff's department would deliver a warrant if there was one.

"We have to go out and serve it in person and it would be a uniformed police officer or an Investigator you know with ID and badge and so forth on and we would come see you in person," said Emerson.

Owens says she just hopes others will see the warning signs like she did.

"If you're ever in question just call the Campbell County Sheriff's Department because immediately they told me, no that's not them," said Owens.

If you get this call or have a voicemail from the scammer be sure to save it on your phone, and then call the Campbell County Sheriff's Office to report it.