Campbell County Family: Local Ties to Oklahoma Devastation

Campbell Co., VA - A local family is from Campbell County has relatives about one mile from where tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma.

They waited.

"It's like being in a dungeon. Not knowing what's going on in the world," said Stephen Douglas Blain.

They hoped.

"I didn't know for certain if they were going to be gone or not. That's why I decided...I said I better pick up the phone....esp for my husband because that's his real family," said Catherine Blain.

They prayed.

"It's an eye opener, it's a waker upper it's your morning call," said Blain.

For Stephen and Catherine Blain, half the battle was not knowing.

"I want to hold him close to me, my whole family," said Blain.

She's unable to hold her whole family close; her brother and sister-in-law are in Oklahoma surrounded by devastation.

"I know they have no power and I hope they get something to eat," said Blain.

Catherine called her family during our interview.

"She said it felt so good to hear her family's voice," said Blain. "It's an experience you don't want to go through and I know they didn't want to go through it. I would have loved to have been there to try to help somebody."

Unable to lend a hand, they push on.

"It's hard for me not being able to reach out and hug 'em." said Stephen Douglas Blain.

"I feel for the families. I wish I could tell them, just say, 'I love you all,'" said Blain.