Campbell County Drug Take Back On Saturday

Campbell County, VA- Seven of the last eight drug-related deaths in Campbell County have been due to prescription drug overdose. That's why Sheriff Steve Hutcherson says National Drug Take Back day set for Saturday is so important.

Prescription drugs are such a big part of the problem these days, and it is not just abuse of the drugs causing problems.

Hutcherson says often times reported break-ins are thieves raiding the medicine cabinets. He says disposing of prescription drugs properly is crucial. Having them in your home is a danger too. People can still find and abuse them if you throw them away, and if you flush them down the toilet, the drugs can dissolve into the water supply.

Sheriff Hutcherson also says identity theft is growing, so Kodiak from Lynchburg will be at the Sheriff's Office Saturday too to shred your documents.

"If you've got tax records you want to get rid of, or some paper work at the house where you paid bills, records you've been keeping that you'd like to get rid of it'd be an excellent time to do that. If you have some drugs in your medicine cabinet that you've been wanting to get rid of, you can do both those things," said Sheriff Hutcherson.

The event is free. It goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.