Campbell Co. Supervisors Allocate Extra Funds

Rustburg, VA - Tuesday night, the Campbell County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved thousands of dollars in reserve funds to be spent on employee bonuses, and in the case of county schools, to purchase new school buses; this, after officials announced un-expected savings and an increase in revenue.

It's really the result of some good planning by the County, coupled with some good fortune as well.

Officials say a warm winter resulted in thousands of dollars saved in heating and fuel costs, a hiring freeze saved the county a few thousand as well.

Also small cuts throughout the year left the county with some extra spending money.

Officials say they're spending it carefully though. There are a few things they say need to be done.

For instance, county employees have not received a pay raise going on five years. This $600 bonus is something they say will help that.

Also, in years past, during tougher times, county schools have neglected purchasing new school buses. They're looking to use some of these savings to make up for that.

"All those things impact what you actually need in that line item. So as a result, when you don't spend it all, you have it to use, and since it's already been approved as an expenditure for the whole budget, then it's just a question of adjusting where you want to spend it" said Board of Supervisor's Chairman, Stanley Goldsmith.

It's important to note that these funds are associated with this fiscal year. The proposed meals tax that the county voted down, would have helped offset a school budget shortfall for next fiscal year.

Officials say they will have to deal with that problem, when the time comes.