Campbell Co. Seniors Celebrate Their Health, Knowledge

CAMPBELL CO., VA - More than 350 people came out to Senior Awareness Day in Campbell County Tuesday.

Seniors got the chance to learn about illnesses and other health issues that could affect them at their age. They even could get different screenings, like checking their blood pressure.

This is the fifth time Social Services has put this event on.

They say it's so important for seniors to learn about their health.

The hottest topic of the day was how to avoid getting scammed.

"By the time scam cases come to us it is pretty much too late. The person has all ready scammed the client and gone and disappeared. So the best prevention is a event like this so people can come and get informed and talk to people first hand," said Adult Services Supervisor Robin Zimmerma.

The event didn't end without some fun. There were door prizes, dancing and even a sing-a-long.