Campbell Co. Schools Staff Adjusts to New Security System

Campbell Co., VA - Fifteen systems are now up and running in Campbell County. Every single school, as well as the Technology and Cornerstone Learning Centers, has identical systems.

Tim Hoden is in charge and says so far -- the feedback is mixed.

"We've had a few complaints about the inconvenience, but obviously, it may be a slight inconvenience for parents, but our goal is not to inconvenience parents it's to provide safety and security for the staff and children in the building," said Hoden.

Every staff member in every school has a smart card they have to scan to get into the building. If someone doesn't have one, they have to get buzzed in or in some cases they're asked to show a photo ID.

The new security system is very accurate and very precise.

"If somebody holds their ID up it has a very clear picture of their ID as well," said Hoden.

Hoden says that's a security measure in itself. If a smart card is misplaced, and someone tries to use it after it's been deactivated, the system will still read the card and notify his office when and where it was used.

"This camera is live at all times and it also is recording," said Hoden.

Rustburg High School Principal Clayton Stanley says it gives everyone a little piece of mind.

"It's kind of a nice feeling knowing people can't just walk in without coming into the main office," he said.

The new security systems come with a pretty hefty price tag of $250,000.

Hoden says the money was earmarked for this project. Officials says they have never to their knowledge had any issues with someone coming into one of their schools and causing trouble. But they're doing to be proactive.

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