Campbell Co. Schools Beef Up Security

Campbell Co., VA - Starting with this upcoming school year every school will have tighter security.

Starting this fall, all staff will have to swipe a key card to get in and out of school doors.

Campbell County is adopting an automatic door lock system where all employees, teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, will have to use a key card to enter and exit school buildings.

According to Campbell County School Board members, all the doors will automatically lock after the bell rings in the morning.

Visitors who come by during the day will have to be buzzed into buildings.

The update isn't complete quite yet, but the process has begun.

Chairman Susan Hogg says they are installing the new system in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

"We realize this can happen in a small town. You just can't be too safe. I am very happy that we are doing this. It really is going to make our kids and our staff in a safer environment," Hogg said.

Officials say the kids are their priority and they hope this is a step in the right direction.