Campbell Co. School Officials: What's Next After Meals Tax Didn't Pass

Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County school officials are back to the drawing board.

They have to find some other way to close a $1.5 million gap in the budget for next school year.

Tuesday night, voters rejected the meals tax referendum, which would have created a tax of up to 4 % for food and beverages in the county.

School Board officials say it's too early in the budget season to speculate on what's going to happen next. In fact, the school board hasn't even talked yet.They will meet this Monday.

School board members say the superintendent and his staff will now compile data and come up with options and proposals for the next best option to find that $1.5 million. That will not happen until December.

Members are also waiting to see what the state is going to do.

"I am disappointed and it is frustrating because we've been making cuts for the last four years. I'm worried honestly, very worried about Campbell County schools, but that being said, the voters the citizens voted and we have to just move forward," said Susan Hogg, Vice Chairperson of the Campbell County School Board.

Board members say although they are disappointed, they respect the decision.