Campbell Co. Plow Drivers Gearing Up for Snow

Campbell Co., VA - When you are tucked safely in your home, plow drivers will be working ferociously to clear those roads. It looks like this snow will be falling during the evening, a time plow drivers say is the most challenging.

Thursday afternoon, Billy Mann's heading to Appomattox where he'll be working a long shift on a plow truck Friday.

"I'm working day shift, so I'm actually working 8 in the morning until 8 at night - 12 hour shift," said Mann.

There's a lot going on inside that truck. Between the chemicals, the controls and maneuvering a big truck around other drivers; the work is not for the faint of heart, but it's work Mann's glad to do.

"You're just there to make sure everyone's safe at the end of the day," said Mann.

Inside VDOT, Spokesperson Paula Jones monitors the approaching storm. The latest road conditions are at her finger tips. And some concerns are on her mind, especially for drivers.

"Typically, when dawn breaks and you have that first sunshine coming out, typically the temperatures take a little bit of a dip at that time and we get some glazing. That's the time to really be alert," said Jones.

Once snow starts falling, city plows have 850 miles of roads to clear. And a mix of ingredients to get the job done.

"Typically, salt. And we also have a material called slag. It's very fine sand that can also help the road surface become grittier too, so you can get better traction," said Dave Owen with Lynchburg Public Works.

Of course, avoid the roads. But if you can't and come across a plow, remember patience first and foremost.

"We are out here to help the public, and this is our time to shine," said Jones.

If you live in Lynchburg, there are some important rules you should know. Once the snow's done, you have four hours to clean or shovel the sidewalk near your house. If the snow falls overnight, like this one's expected to do, you have until noon to clean it up.