Campbell Co. Considering Changes to Noise Ordinance

Campbell Co., VA- The Board of Supervisors is considering changing Campbell County's noise ordinance. One organization says their livelihood may depend on whether or not these proposed changes are adopted.

The Southbound Jamboree holds concerts to raise money for local non-profits. During the summer they hold several events with live music. And as we all know, concerts can get loud.

If the proposed changes to the noise ordinance are approved, the county will start measuring noises by decibel level. And just to give you some reference points, a lawn mower measures in at 100 decibels, a noisy office at 80, and a normal conversation around 60.

With the new changes, Southbound Jamboree's music could not be louder than 86 decibels.

"I think 86 decibels is not very hard to reach. And I think it would be very hard to have an event like that here, under those circumstances with that law they're trying to pass," said Denny Turpin, a partner of Southbound Jamboree.

"If you're sitting in your backyard and invite a bunch of fellas over to shoot horseshoes and turn your boom box on, it's going to be louder than 82 decibels, or 86. So everybody would be breaking the law," said Pete Turpin, another partner of Southbound Jamboree.

Campbell County officials say the changes are needed so they can have an objective measuring system. The old way of measuring a noise by the reasonable persons standard was too subjective, and difficult to enforce. There will be a public hearing Tuesday night where residents can voice their opinion on the matter.