Campbell Co. Nail Salon Gutted by Fire

Campbell Co., VA- Another business in the Lynchburg area was lost to a fire Monday. Before the smoke could even settle from Saturday's fire at the Collector's Lair on Fort Avenue, Nail Time nail salon on Timberlake Road was consumed by flames Monday afternoon.

The owners of Nail Time are devastated about the loss, but relieved everyone is OK. A customer who was inside when the fire started, said it all happened so fast, they were lucky to get out unscathed.

"It was fast. It was very fast," said Donna Coleman, the Nail Time customer who was there when the fire happened.

She is a regular customer of Nail Time. Before she knew it, a relaxing visit to the salon turned into a frightening and chaotic scene.

"We just heard a popping sound. Kim the owner ran out to see what it was, and I ran out behind her, and I saw the power strip, it was just on fire," she said.

"By the time that I could get her to get out of the building, we looked, and it was just engulfed, it just grew, fast."

Coleman ran next door to D.C.'s Express Mart for help. An employee there grabbed an extinguisher and tried to fight the fire, but it was too late.

"By that time it was, it was smoked out," said Coleman.

When fire crews arrived they were met with heavy smoke and hungry flames.

"We couldn't get on the roof. The air handling units were starting to push weight down and the ceiling was starting to sag so we had to pretty much stay from the front door there," said Deputy Chief Jerry Womack, with the Brookville-Timberlake Fire Department.

Wearing masks and heavy oxygen tanks, crews managed to enter the salon from the store next door.

"We went to the next unit in the mall and breached a wall and were able to get the fire out," said Womack.

It took crews an hour to kill the flames. The whole time the salon owners could only stand and watch.

"I didn't expect it to happen to my parent's shop you know?" said Khanh Nguyen, the store owners' son.

"I'm just glad they're safe," said Nguyen.

And he's glad their customer kept a cool head in hot times.

"I tried to keep calm but you know, at the same time my heart's beating really fast so it was scary, it was really scary. It happened really fast," said Coleman.

Deputy Fire Chief Jerry Womack says the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. As for the store owners, their son says they will most likely rebuild and open another salon in the future.