Campbell Co. has no Turnout for Public Comment on Combining Schools

Campbell Co., VA - Not much to be heard during a public hearing Monday in Campbell County.

The School Board had a hearing to discuss their capital improvement plan, calling for a consolidation of the county's middle and high schools. Not a single member of the public showed up to make a comment.

Superintendent, Dr. Robert Johnson seems to think the public doesn't have much to say, because they've known about a potential school consolidation now for years.

This proposal has been in the works since 2011.

It calls for taking the number of county high schools from four to two; one for the west and one for the east side of the county. It also calls for the same consolidation of the middle schools.

Administrators say their current school set up is inefficient. Brookville High School with 1,000 students is at capacity, while William Campbell Combined High School, is drastically under with a little more than 500.

A recent study was done that included feedback from more than 400 Campbell County residents. It found combining the schools in a long term capital improvement plan would be the best option for the county.

School officials say they're not surprised no one from the public spoke at Monday's meeting.

"There's really not any new information that was recommended. It's been studied now three times since 1950 and the same recommendations came forth, that they recommended a two high school, two middle school" said Johnson.

"We have kept the public informed, so it doesn't surprise me totally that people didn't show up. Plus this is a long term plan, this is something for the future, this isn't going to happen tomorrow" said School Board Chair, Susan Hogg.

Administrators estimate the new combined schools may not become a reality for more than 30 years.

Officials say a vote on putting the plan in place could happen as soon as March 25th.