Campbell Co. Deputies Promote Awareness of New Moped Laws

Rustburg, VA - The Campbell County Sheriff's Office is making sure you know the new state laws that went into effect for mopeds on July first of this year.

Some changes to the previous policy include, every moped driver must carry on them a government issued photo ID. This does not have to be a driver's license. Drivers and passengers must be wearing a state approved helmet, and if the moped is without a windshield, eye gear is required. Drivers must be over the age of 16, and driving on an interstate is prohibited. Finally, all mopeds must be titled and registered by July first of 2014.

"We're constantly looking for the safety issues and mopeds are a lot smaller. So the rider themselves needs to be aware of what they're doing and their surroundings and the vehicles and everything around them" said Campbell County Deputy Teresa Williams.

Also if your moped exceeds 35 miles per hour, it's considered in the same class as a motorcycle and you will need to get it licensed and registered.