Campbell Co. Child Taken by Parents Found Safe

Campbell Co., VA - A Campbell County child is now safe in protective custody after being abducted in Halifax County.

An AMBER Alert was issued for 1-year-old Alexis Carwile Thursday night.

Campbell County Child Protective Services were on their way to take custody of the Carwile when her parents, Jennifer Carwile and Eric Black, took her. They were believed to be traveling in a Nissan station wagon when state police issued the AMBER Alert.

A UPS driver saw the vehicle driving South on 95 near Prince George County, Virginia, which the led to authorities arresting the father.

A short time later, the mother and child were found at a relative's home in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

A spokesperson with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office gave thanks for the combined efforts of the public and all of the police departments involved, the AMBER alert system proved to be an effective tool in getting the child back safely.

"That shows that AMBER Alert is a good thing. It worked in this case and everybody's fine, everybody's safe...and it brought all these agencies together," said Lt. Steve Cassada with the Halifax County Sheriff's Office.

Alexis Carwile is now in the state's custody.

There is no word on what charges will be filed against the parents.