'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro Visits Roanoke Kroger

Roanoke, VA - Buddy Valastro, the star of the popular hit show "Cake Boss," made a visit to Roanoke Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of people lined up through the aisles of Kroger, all waiting to meet the Cake Boss and get a picture with him. But no one was more excited than Buddy himself.

Buddy and his family run Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. The bakery is featured on TLC's "Cake Boss."

But Sunday, the Cake Boss brought his famous cakes to a Kroger in Roanoke, and he was very excited to meet his fans.

"This is like a dream come true to see all you guys out here," said Valastro to the large crowd inside Kroger.

Valastro was there to promote his new line of cakes --now sold in select supermarkets.

"Sometimes you go to a supermarket and the bakery cakes aren't that great, well this cake here is the real deal cake in a supermarket. And it's a way so ever body all over the country can taste a piece of Hoboken," he said.

He also held a book signing and took pictures with fans, who were thrilled to meet the TV star.

"I'm excited to meet cake boss because I eventually hope to own my restaurant or something like that," said Justin Mayhue, a culinary student and fan.

"Pretty excited because now I can watch him on TV and be like, 'Hey, I met you,'" said Ashley Gray, a Cake Boss fan.

Some people even brought him presents. One little girl made Valastro a cake made out of paper.

And Buddy says he felt the love that Virginia is so well known for.

"Walking in here, I mean I feel pretty good. I feel like a rock star. Seeing everyone in line and waiting for me. And I love the fact that it's all families. Seeing parents, children grandparents coming together to enjoy the show touches my heart. Because you know I'm a family guy myself, and it really means a lot to me," said Valastro.

Sunday night, Buddy was at the Salem Civic Center for a Homemade Holiday Tour. There, he shared cake decorating tips and his baking secrets.