Lynchburg Experts: Button Batteries Pose a Risk to Children

Lynchburg, VA - The assistant manager at Batteries Plus warns parents and grandparents of the potential danger of small batteries used to operate toys they'll give to children over the holidays.

The "button" or "coin" batteries contain either silver oxide or lithium. Either can be dangerous even deadly if swallowed.

"It's a small battery, so it's able to be swallowed," said Andrew Rose, Assistant Manager at Batteries Plus. "It's the size of a dime or smaller."

Rose says the batteries are becoming increasingly common in toys

"It makes for a lighter weight," said Rose. "It also makes for a smaller toy."

Safety is the first thing Danny Givens says he considers when choosing which toys and books he'll sell at Givens Books.

"Most publishers now tend to secure those compartments with screws, so they're pretty secure, they're pretty safe," said Givens. "Very few children are going to be able to get past a screw."

If you bring a toy into Batteries Plus, they will replace the old battery and dispose of it on the spot. You can also bring in batteries for recycling, to keep them out of little hands and mouths.