Businesses and Residents Adapt Under Boil Advisory

Lynchburg, VA - Thousands of Lynchburg residents are under a boil water advisory, after a construction worker hit a water main on Old Forest road. That accident has more than 120 streets affected.

Lynchburg's Department of Water Resources estimates the potentially contaminated water may not be safe to drink for another 36-48 hours.

Hours after a water main break here on Old Forest Road, crews still sit and wait, for potentially contaminated water to drain.

Cause and effect: up the road, residents stock up, after the city issued a boil water advisory. "We have seven people in our house, and we bought two twenty four cases," said one woman.

"This is my second trip, actually. The first time we got four cases. This time we got four cases," said a man affected.

"When we went home, the water was brown. I was just like, 'ew,'" said another woman.

"The water's not too clear. I can see by the glass here, it's still not cleared up," said Filippo Carcioppolo, the owner of Monte Carlo Restaurant on Old Forest Road. "It's very hard. But we come from the old country, so we know how to survive," he said.

At restaurants, the advisory prompted hundreds of dollars in purchases. "I stocked my refrigerator with water," said Carcioppolo.

"At six o'clock, we get news from the health department that we don't have any water accessibility," said Amber Garner, a waitress at the Stoney Badger Tavern.

"We got 38 gallons of water. I got 17 bags of ice, five two liter bottles of ginger ale, five two liter bottles of tonic water, 10 two liter bottles of Coca-Cola," said Burton Taylor, the owner of the Stoney Badger.

No clean water means no fountain drinks, no ice, but plenty of stress for restaurant owners. "There's nothing you can do. You just got to take it day by day and deal with it. It, it's life," said Taylor.

City officials say until this notice is lifted, all affected residents should be boiling their water, or drinking bottled water.