Business Owners Speak Out Against Proposed Campbell Co. Meals Tax

Campbell Co., VA - For some business owners in Campbell County, they are making sure that the meals tax vote Tuesday does not pass.

The County's Business Alliance Team held a press conference Monday. A group of six county business owners spoke out on why they feel the tax would hurt rather than help the county.

Some say it would inhibit business growth and hiring of new employees. Right now some say since Campbell County is one of a few areas without the tax. Restaurants there attract a lot of business from Lynchburg and surrounding communities.

That's something they're worried they may lose out on if the tax is approved.

"This scheme would destroy a key competitive advantage, in the middle of the great recession," said Eric Zehr, of the Alliance.

"I understand completely that the economy has been very tough over the last several years but also recognize the importance of education," said Dr. Robert Johnson, the Superintendent of County Schools.

The proposed 4% tax would go towards offsetting a possible $1.5 million budget gap faced by the Campbell County schools in 2013.