Bug Bomb Caused Explosion in Danville Home

Danville, VA - Danville Fire Officials say a man is very lucky to walk away without being hurt, after a bug bomb exploded in his house on Lee Street Tuesday.

Fire officials say this kind of explosion can happen but it's very rare.
Fire Marshal Shelby Irving said they've only had two or three incidents over the last five years.
When the fire department got to the scene Tuesday, they say they saw mist inside the home. The resident told them there was an explosion inside the house. ABC 13 was told the man was using bug bomb defoggers to get rid of insects.
Irving says the man claimed to have cut off the gas, but the fire department later discovered the gas lines were still open. She says the explosion was so strong it knocked off the cabinet doors in the kitchen. The homeowner, however, was ok.
"Evidently, something happened in there. Whether he didn't get it all or he created a spark moving around in there. Just when applying those you have to be careful," said Irving.
Fire Marshal Irving highly recommends getting a professional exterminator instead of trying to do this type of work on your own. But if you do apply aerosols, make sure to shut off all electrical and gas sources.
ABC 13 looked, but couldn't find a recall for the bug bomb.