Bud Foster Defends Exum and His Defense

After two losses to Big East teams, Virginia Tech fans want answers.

Defensive coordinator Bud Foster provided some Monday night, in a colorful way.

Foster can be in your face and he can be supportive. He adamantly defended his defense, in particular player Antone Exum, after the loss to Cincinnati. "I thought the kid you're talking to right there played his n---- off. You can quote me on that s--- too. Played his a-- off. Fought his a-- off."

This was just an excerpt of his comments and on Tuesday Frank Beamer reiterated that Tech's coaches will back their players. "They played hard Saturday and we didn't play perfect at times. We played well at times but we're going to take care of our kid," Beamer said.

Junior quarterback Logan Thomas sided with Foster and said he and his teammates plan to back up Foster's comments throughout the rest of the season. "I agreed 100 percent with coach Foster and everything he said. I was actually told about it and went and checked it out. I thought they did play a great game. I guess you get looked at by one thing but we're going to come out and play hard every single down not just because of that reason but because we need it for ourselves."

Foster also said he thought Tech played well with the exception of about five plays. You could argue Exum had some of those plays. He had four penalties that resulted in three first downs.

Sophomore rover Kyshoen Jarrett said, "We have talent in the secondary whether people believe it or not. Someone like Kyle Fuller, Antone Exum, everything doesn't always go your way and we've seen it for Antone himself but that doesn't mean his confidence level is going to drop."

In the Hokies' two losses, they gave up 500-plus yards to Pittsburgh and nearly 500 to Cincinnati, but they can still accomplish their goals they set in the preseason of being a top ten defense in the country and the number one rushing defense in the country. "We still have a stretch to play some good offenses and shut them down. That's our mindset should be going into each game and that's how going to be going into each game," Jarrett added.