Brosville Volunteer Fire Department Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Danville, VA-- A volunteer fire department in Pittsylvania County celebrated its 50th anniversary Saturday. They used the anniversary to thank the community for its long-time support, especially through the difficult times the department had this year.

Although the Brosville Fire Department was celebrating its 50th anniversary, to firefighters, the gathering meant more than that. It symbolized the end of hard times and the beginning of a brand new chapter.

The Brosville Volunteer Fire Department is used to putting out house fires. But in January, they had to fight a fire much closer to home.

"Our crash truck actually shorted out in the electrical area and caught fire and it caused us to have to do major extensive damage to the building," Chris Key, the Brosville Vol. Fire Dept. Fire Chief said.

"It was hard to believe what was happening you know, " former firefighter Harold Davis said.

The damage put a strain on the department for months. They were without a crash truck and ambulance, and had to depend on other area fire departments.

"Yes it was a struggle," Key said.

But now, they've put their struggle behind them

"I'm very excited about it, just looking forward to the future," Brosville Vol. Fire Dept. Board of Directors member Geraldine Walker said.

Nine months after the fire, the Brosville Fire Department is now fully equipped with two new ambulances and a fire truck that they just received last Tuesday.

"We don't feel like our hands are tied now and totally dependent on other departments to help for the such as the crash truck and other things that we need while we were incapacitated from the fire," said Brosville Vol. Fire Dept. Paramedic Firefighter, Eric Clark.

The Brosville Fire Department says they couldn't have made this comeback without the support of the community.

"It's a testimony to our community, you know, the support we have, the backing we have from our community," Clark said.

Since this week is fire prevention week, the fire department saw fit to use their anniversary celebration to also hand out fire safety information.

They want to remind people to change the batteries in their smoke detectors at least twice a year.