Brosville Pastor Will Spend More Than 24 Hours on Church Roof For Charity

Brosville, VA - A Brosville pastor is raising money for charity by camping out on the roof of her church.

Faith Weedling will climb to the top of Brosville United Methodist in a couple of weeks. The more money she raises, the longer she will stay up there.

The Virginia United Methodist Churches recently decided to support the fight against malaria. Weedling says this idea came to her as a unique way to get people involved.

The fundraiser promises one hour on the roof for every hundred dollars raised. So far, the church has received close to $3,000 in donations - meaning about 30 hours and counting for Weedling.Local contractors stepped up to make her a platform and Weedling hopes to add a small canopy to block the elements.She says the statewide push to save one million lives through the "Imagine No Malaria" program is well worth the effort.

"I think a lot of the churches in our are do a really good job of supporting local things and that's wonderful. We need to do that, but there's a really great need for people who are losing children and family members to this disease, " Weedling said.

Her time on the roof will kick-off with a cookout on Saturday, September 6th, and she plans to deliver her sermon from the roof that Sunday.You have until August 31st to make a donation.