Brookville Band Leader Gets Mohawk as Food Drive Ends

Lynchburg, Va- {}The United Way of Central Virginia has wrapped up their month long food drive.

The initiative was called "Band Together to Stop Hunger" Area school bands got involved to collect food. Brookville Middle School's band director issued a challenge to their students to fill two barrels of food last month. If they did, he would get a mohawk.

They filled those barrels in the first week, and since then have filled four more.

"I'm just so overwhelmed and impressed with the students. They could've easily just shut it down after two and honestly they did two in the first week! But then kept going and going and we're already at five full and hopefully by the end of the day, we'll be at six," said Frankie Nettles who is the band director at Brookville Middle.

He has even written a special song in honor of the food drive that the kids will play next week when the food is delivered to those in need. The school had an assembly today and gathered even more food.

Students who brought a canned good were able to watch Mr. Nettles get his new haircut.{}