Brookneal Man Says Winning $1 Million, Won't Change a Thing

Brookneal, VA - 75 year old Marshall Crews won $1 million on a $20 scratch off he bought at the Brookneal ABC store.

"Just call me Lucky, Lucky, Lucky" said Crews.

Oh, he's lucky alright, "You see and I scratched under there and it says one million, and I didn't get excited, you know?" he said.

On May 24th, the 75 year old retired banker struck it big, on a little scratch off from the Brookneal ABC store.

He bought two tickets. The first one was a dud, "I told her to just throw it in the trash can, that maybe next time I would be luckier" he said.

And he sure was. He won the max, $1 million, for the millions to the max scratch off.

"I don't anticipate doing anything differently whatsoever; we're not taking any trips" said Crews.

He doesn't plan on spending a dime.

"My children are doing very, very well. None of them need it at this point, but if they did, I'd certainly help them" he said.

We talked to Crews for a while. He showed us pictures of his family, "They've always told me if I needed any help, they'd help me, isn't that wonderful?" he said.

And we came to realize Crews has a philosophy on life, unchanged by his life changing win.

"There's nothing that I know of that I need. You can always want, but needing and wanting are two different things" he said.

So besides maybe a nice gift for his wife, and a few extra treats for his dog Buff, things for Crews he says will stay the same.

Except for this, "I said from now on call me Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, I've changed my name" he said.

So after taxes, and after a penalty for taking his winnings in a single lump sum, Crews wound up with a little more than $500,000. Still something he considers himself very lucky for.