Brightwell's Mill Remembers Flash Flood of 1942

Madison Heights, VA- It was washed away more than 70 years ago in a flash flood, but Brightwell's Mill in Amherst County is rebuilt. Today, it's a tourist attraction.

Ricky Brightwell is the current co-owner of the mill and he says the story's been passed down for generations. His grandfather was owner of the mill in August of 1942. And he says more than 7 inches of rain fell that month. In the early morning of August 14th, 1942 the rain poured. The high waters caused the wooden dam to break and the flood waters washed the mill away. The bridge was also destroyed, after the mill crashed right through it.

Despite the loss, the family rebuilt. Today the mill is complete with that same water wheel. A cement dam this time, and a rebuilt bridge. They say that every year in August, they still remember.

The current restoration of the mill is still in the works. We told you a few months ago how they've gotten the water wheel working, but they still have some renovations to do in order to make it a fully functioning mill. They are accepting pictures of the mill from the public to make a 2015 calendar. They say they plan to sell that in hopes to raise more funds. You can learn more on their website or Face Book page.

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