Breaking and Entering Reports Drastically Up in Danville

Danville, VA - Danville Police say everyone should be on high alert after a spike in reported home burglaries.

Police say they usually see more around the holiday season, but this year's numbers have shot up compared to last year.

The statistics are shocking. Since the beginning of October, Danville Police say they've gotten 107 Breaking and Entering reports. Last year at the same time they had only 28.
"It's a noticeable increase," said Lt. Mike Wallace, Danville Police Dept.
Wallace doesn't know an exact reason for the increase but says they typically see more burglaries over the holidays.
"People are certainly in the position to become victim around the holidays. They are out and about more, you do have items in your home that you are saving for Christmas," said Wallace.
Police say the number of burglaries jumped throughout the city. But the North Main corridor and south side have been hit the hardest.
"It's very sad that people have no self esteem or value other people's rights or possessions," said Ronald Madden, lives on North Main.
Madden's neighbor recently experienced a break-in, so he's doing what he can to prevent his house from being next.
"I lock my doors every time I go out the door, even if it is to go to the back of the house," said Madden.
Police suggest you also keep your presents away from the window and don't leave packaging that displays expensive items on the curbside.
"You can't stop living either but you try to take extra precautions and still try to enjoy the holiday at the same time," said Madden.
Police also suggest to be aware of your surroundings. It is important to be a good neighbor and keep a lookout. And if you see anything suspicious, call 911.