Boys and Girls Club Needs to Match $66,000 Award

Lynchburg, VA - The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg is set to receive $66,000, if it can raise enough money to match the award.

The organization was named a recipient of AmeriCorps State Funding for 2013-2014. The club plans to use the money to hire five full-time employees for the "Be Great: Graduate" program.

The employees will work one-on-one with 60 students in grades 5 through 8. The grades are considered the opportunity years, where you have the greatest chance to catch kids who are at risk of dropping out once they get to high school.

"They meet with the mentor for an hour a week. At first they talk about goals. Then after they talk about goals, they talk about how school applies to those goals," said Mark Sheehan, Executive Director. "We're trying to make the connection to 'I want to be an NFL football player.' to how important it is to go to school, graduate from high school, so that you will have the ability to go to college."

The club has a year to raise the money, but they hope to raise it by the end of the calendar year.