Boyfriend Charged With Fatal Stabbing at Buckingham Co. Grocery Store

Alexis Rose

Dillwyn, VA - Investigators have arrested the boyfriend of a Buckingham County woman stabbed to death in a grocery store parking lot Tuesday night.

The sheriff's office has charged Christopher Moseley, 20, with first degree murder.

Around 11:15 p.m., investigators found Alexis Rose in the Farmer's Food Grocery store parking lot with several stab wounds.

She was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery, but died several hours later.

For Rose's three sisters, it's been a roller coaster of emotions.

"He left us with pain! Heartache and pain!" Barbara Anderson said outside her sister's apartment.

Investigators say Christopher Moseley stabbed Alexis Rose several times inside a car at the Farmer's Food grocery store parking lot.

The manager of the grocery store says when a nearby nursing assistant tried to help the victim - Moseley turned on her.

"She took her coat off and covered her up. And then the guy that stabbed her chased her halfway home, trying to get to her," Johnny Arthur said, standing near the parking spot where the stabbing happened.

Buckingham County deputies and Virginia State Police searched for Moseley well into the night, eventually finding him in another county.

It was news the victim's sisters had been waiting hours to hear.

"My chest was heavy. But, when I found out they caught him, it lightened up because I felt like it was revenge for my sister," said Sharon Epps, another sister.

The family is still left with questions about what motivated the killing. But they hope their tragedy, the death of their sister,will help others in abusive relationships.

"Get your life together before it's too late, like it was too late for her," Epps added.

Funeral arrangements for Rose have not yet been made.

Investigators say Moseley could face more charges.

Homicides are rare in Buckingham County, the last one was in 2007.