Botetourt Co. Woman Gives Stranger Jacket

Botetourt Co., VA - A Florida man searched for the woman who gave him a very special gift at a local airport, so that he could thank her and honor her late husband. He found her in Botetourt County.

Dr. Shamsher Singh was with 90 year old Battle of the Bulge veteran Eugene Wright on an Honor Flight on June 7.

What Singh was wearing caught the eye of Anne Palmer, who came out to greet the veterans in Roanoke.

The flag jacket she had on matched his outfit. It belonged to her late husband Lt. Commander Arthur Jason Bayer, a Navy pilot who died in a helicopter crash in 2002.

"He was head to toe, red, white and blue and I had had that jacket from my husband," said Palmer. "It's just been sitting in the closet. I didn't feel like I had found the right person to give that to yet. When I saw him I just knew he was a patriot and I just wanted him to have that."

"Suddenly near the elevator this woman comes running up," said Singh. "She says my husband was killed in action and I would like you to take, to wear his jacket."

Dr. Singh was able to reconnect with Anne after he sent a photo of the jacket to the Roanoke newspaper.

He is making a one thousand dollar donation to the D-Day Memorial and buying a brick with her late husband's name in the memorial's Gold Star garden.

Palmer has told him to keep the jacket and Singh plans to wear it on future Honor Flight trips.


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