Book Helps Kids With Parents Behind Bars

Lynchburg, VA - High School counselors in Lynchburg are helping kids open up about a tough topic with a picture book.

"When a Parent Goes to Jail" is an aid for kids to talk about the issue.

An E.C. Glass counselor co-authored the book after finding limited resources on the topic.

She interviewed kids and even parents behind bars.

The book is a popular source for several school systems and local agencies.

Counselors say the book helps kids understand their feelings.

"It says it's okay for you to be angry, it's ok for you to be sad, it's ok for you to feel explosive, it's ok that this is impacting you. Then it says, ok now what are we going to do?" said Lonnie Hoade, school counselor at E.C. Glass

Counselors often let kids take the book home or use them in group discussions. The book is available at local stores and Barnes and Noble.