Bond Granted for Virginia Tech Football Player

Holmes After Posting Bond

Update: 5:45 p.m.:

Christiansburg, VA - Suspended Hokie running back, Michael Holmes, is a free man Tuesday after spending two nights in jail.

Holmes is out on just $2,500 dollars bond-- facing a felony and two misdemeanor charges related to an early Sunday morning fight.

This after the prosecution argued to keep the 19-year old in jail, without bond, until his June 13th preliminary hearing.

The judge cited Holmes' strong ties to the community and the fact that he has no criminal record when setting the bond.

However, the one thing that seemed to stand out in his opinion is the greatly differing views of those five people, including Holmes, who were caught up in that early morning brawl.

As Michael Holmes emerged from the Montgomery County Jail... still wearing the pajamas, with no socks, that he was arrested in.... his mother, Tonya Brandon, couldn't contain her happiness.

"This has tore my family apart. Tore my family apart," said Brandon.

Brandon had been down for the spring game to watch her son - and just can't believe this has all come from that day.

"He's a very sweet and intelligent guy. Not saying it because he's my son but because it's true. My son has a heart of gold. And anybody and everybody that knows my son would agree with me," said Brandon.

In court we learned that Holmes will be using a self defense claim saying he was attacked as he was pulling two woman off of his girlfriend.

That girlfriend, Karoline Seekford, pressed charges on both women, including Tech sprinter, Ciara Simms.

Seekford said off camera that Simms, Holmes' ex-girlfriend, has been harassing her for months and was stalking the couple throughout the night of the fight.

The prosecution contends Holmes not only dragged Simms by her hair but punched the second woman before delivering a severe beating to that woman's cousin.

"The details we will have to sort out in court and clearly there's going to be two sides to that," said Holmes' lawyer Jimmy Turk.

Holmes, through his lawyer, denies hurting either woman.

As he left jail answering just one question:

"How do you feel to get home?" shouted a reporter.

"I mean I feel great obviously. I get to get a good meal now... so. You know what I'm saying?"

Seekford added that this night out for the couple was the first night out in quite some time as Holmes has been buckling down on his studies.

Holmes says this semester he is set to land straight A's as he continues to focus on being a physical therapist.

Update: 11:45 a.m.:

Holmes posted bond and was released on Tuesday morning.


Blacksburg, VA - Virginia Tech running back Michael Holmes appeared in court Tuesday morning after he was arrested over the weekend.

A judge granted Holmes $2,500 bond. His family was in court for the hearing and he was expected to be released by Tuesday afternoon.

Holmes was one of three people charged after a fight over the weekend. He is charged with two misdemeanors and a felony. 20-year-old Ciara Simms, a member of the Virginia Tech track and field team, and 20-year-old Kierra Barnes were also charged.