Bond Denied for Woman Charged in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Rocky Mount, VA - A Franklin County kindergarten teacher accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband made two court appearances Wednesday.

Both hearings ended with the same result: No bond for Angela Nolen.

The morning bond hearing was held in General District Court where the judge, after hearing evidence, decided he would not extend a bond to the 25 year veteran teacher.

It was the same result in the afternoon as Nolen's attorney appealed the lower court decision, which was then upheld by the Circuit Court.

As with Nolen's accused accessory, Cathy Bennett, the defense argued that Nolen is a major fixture in the community teaching all 25 years in Franklin County - 15 of them at Sontag Elementary where the two women worked at the time of their arrests.

But the Commonwealth convinced the judge that the severity of the crime was too great and that Angela Nolen needed to stay in jail to await trial as a matter of public safety.

"Obviously she can stay right there with her parents... which is a wonderful place. We have no problems at all with her parents, it's a safe area. But she could certainly have access to communication devices to make that same attempt again if she so choses to do so," said Franklin County's Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Allen.

The defense even offered up more than $160,000 worth of land to secure that bond to no avail.

Both women have a preliminary hearing set for March 21.