Bomb Threat Suspect's Mother Says Her Son Is Bipolar, Needs Help

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police worked closely with several agencies including the FBI to find bomb threat suspect Dexter White.

White's mother, Dorothy White, said this would've never happened if her son had received the help he needed.

Shortly after the last bomb threat Thursday Morning, officers raided Dexter White's home and arrested him.

Police say White was making the calls through the mobile communication app 'Upptalk" which they traced back to him using the IP address.

White was a primary suspect in this case and he has a ten year history of telephone misuse.

Dorothy White said her son is bipolar and has sought help for it in the past. She also said he was released from Poplar Springs Hospital after five days.

She says White is a smart man who graduated at the top of his class from EC Glass High School, the last school White allegedly targeted in Tuesday's series of bomb threats.

Police seized four cell phones and more than 15 electronic devices from White's room.

They also say he used Upptalk a few days before allegedly making the bomb threats to make excessive calls to a female acquaintance.

White was arraigned Friday and his preliminary hearing has been set for May 8th.