Bomb Squad Detonates Suspicious Package at Roanoke Co. Shopping Center

UPDATE: 1:14 p.m. Roanoke Co., VA - The State Police bomb squad had to be called to the scene of a suspicious package in the Brookside Shopping Center that also closed Williamson Road Saturday morning. Sergeant C.L. Kuyper tells ABC 13 a business owner noticed the package this morning and called police. The package had been at the door of the Golden Wok Restaurant since 5:30 a.m., Kuyper said. People in the area started to worry the package may have been a bomb, and a police officer arriving on the scene also determined the package was suspicious. Roanoke County Police evacuated businesses in the shopping center for safety and cleared an area around the package, closing part of Williamson Road, Kuyper said. The state police bomb squad was called to the scene, Kuyper said, where an x-ray showed suspicious items in the package as well. The bomb squad was able to safely move the package into the parking lot, where it was destroyed through a controlled detonation, Kuyper explained. The package had "personal items" inside and was not a bomb, Kuyper said. Given the circumstances, however, "we just couldn't take a chance," Kuyper said. The investigation into the package continues. UPDATE: 12:42 p.m. Roanoke Co., VA - Williamson Road is back open to traffic. The investigation into the suspicious package continues.------------------Roanoke Co., VA - The 6400 block of Williamson Road is closed due to an investigation of a suspicious package, police say. Roanoke County Police along with the Virginia State Police have closed an area near the Brookside Shopping Center from Dent Road to Plymouth Drive until further notice. Stay with ABC 13 News for further updates.
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