Bomb Scare in Goodyear Factory in Danville

Reporter: Heather Rosenbaum | Videographer: Jonathan Merryman

Danville, VA - It was a very tense day in Danville as authorities investigated a potential bomb at the Goodyear Plant.

Emergency workers received a call shortly after 10 a.m. Friday.

Employees at the Goodyear factory noticed a suspicious device in a tractor trailer that arrived Thursday night and was being unloaded Friday. When they described it to authorities, it seemed to be a pipe bomb.

As you can imagine, it was not taken lightly and employees were evacuated from the receiving area.

Danville police, fire, and life saving crew were called to the scene, as well as the Virginia State Police Bomb Squad from Salem.

Police say it was a training device that was placed in the truck during a training exercise by the North Carolina State Port's Authority. The device had no explosive capabilities, and no one was hurt. This all comes just a week after the scare at a Danville post office, and authorities say they are just glad this was a false alarm.

"I think every incident like this helps prepare us a little better and I just hope every incident in the future is like this where it is not the real thing," said Chief Philip Broadfoot with the Danville Police Department.

Danville authorities are working with the North Carolina State Port's Authority to find out how exactly this happened.