Update: Body Found in Michigan May be Lynchburg-Area Man's

Jeffrey Scott Stratton

Reporter: Dhomonique Ricks

Wednesday Update:

South Haven, MI - Michigan State Police say it may take a little longer to identify the man who washed ashore Sunday morning. The body is believed to be that of a missing Areva employee, Jeffrey Scott Stratton, who was there on business at the time. Stratton's car was found at a Michigan bar.

According to State Police, dental records that were supposed to be shipped via Fed Ex last night were not. They were shipped Wednesday, and authorities are expected to get them Thursday. State Police say they hope to identify who the body is at that time.



South Haven, MI - A body that is believed to be that of a missing Central Virginia man has been found on the shores of Lake Michigan. The Allegan County Sheriff's Department thinks it could possibly be Jeffrey Scott Stratton.

He is an employee at AREVA in Lynchburg. A missing persons report was filed for him over the weekend. Grand Rapids news stations are reporting the body of a white male in his late 20s was located on a beach shore a couple miles north of South Haven around 10:30 Sunday morning. Michigan State Police have not positively identified the body yet.

They say it is too early to make that connection at this time, but they are looking at dental records to try to determine if it is Stratton. A detective with Michigan State Police says the body found had some injuries, but nothing that gave away a cause of death or timing. Investigators did recover Stratton's car at a local restaurant and bar called the Curve Inn. It is one of the last places he was seen Friday night.

Deputies are having a hard time determining where the body came from.

"I can't determine if it entered from the north or from the south at this point," Allegan County Deputy Scott Matice said. "It matters on the water currents. Sometimes they do shift on the lake."

ABC 13 spoke with a representative from AREVA Tuesday and was told they did have a crew working there at that time. They say it is a very sensitive issue and until official confirmation is made, they will not comment.