Gov. Bobby Jindal Backs Benham Brothers At LU Commencement

Lynchburg, VA - The Benham brothers were set to star in their own HGTV show, scheduled to start in October, but after audio surfaced of one of the brothers making remarks about "homosexuality and its agenda that's attacking the nation" HGTV canceled the show. But at Liberty University's graduation ceremony Saturday, the Benham brothers will receive some big support. Not only are officials tied to the school reacting, but Bobby Jindal, tomorrow's commencement speaker, is weighing in as well. Work hard, stay focused, and fight the left leaning agenda? Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal is making his keynote address at Liberty University's graduation ceremony Saturday, a direct sign of support for the Benham Brothers. In prepared remarks, Jindal plans to say, "HGTV canceled the show this week, allegedly because they learned that one of the brothers protested at the Democrat Party Convention, and the other had protested at an abortion clinic." "We have nothing but love and admiration for all the folks at HG. We felt like HG was bullied" said the Benham brothers during an interview with CNN. The Benham brothers are 1998 LU grads. Their show, Flip it Forward, was months away from airing on HGTV. But after Right Wing posted a recording of David Benham, the network canceled their show. "We don't realize that, okay, if 87 percent of Americans are Christians and yet we have abortion on demand; we have no-fault divorce; we have pornography and perversion; we have a homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation; we have adultery; we have all of the things; we even have allowed demonic ideologies to take our universities and our public school systems while the church sits silent and just builds big churches. We are so complacent, we are so apathetic and we are very hypocritical in the church, that's why the Bible says judgment begins in the house of God. So when we prayed at 714 we asked God and our city to forgive us for allowing these things in the house of God" said Benham in the recording. "One view is able to be put out there, but if you represent what we believe would be pro-family, the pro family view, you're not allowed to have that anymore, and I believe that HG was pushed in to this" said Jason Benham in the same CNN interview. The show's cancellation had some on the right, fired up. Jindal is devoting an entire segment of his speech to the brothers. In planned remarks, he'll say "If these guys had protested at the Republican Party Convention, instecancelingelling their show, HGTV would probably have given them a raise." "I think it should be focused more on the graduates than promoting a political mean" said one LU student. At LU though, students and staff had mixed reaction to Jindal's prepared remarks. "It seems to me that there's a place for that but you wonder if it hasn't gone too far in that direction" said one professor. "He's a Christian man and so I think he in most part, espouses for the most part, the values that we espouse here at Liberty University" said another student. Jindal will speak at 10 a.m. Saturday. You can watch his remarks live, here.