Republican Bob Goodlatte Wins 6th District House Seat

Victory Rally in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte has been re-elected to his 11th term in the 6th District.

Here's how the results ended up: 65 % of the vote went to Goodlatte and more than 34 % unofficially going to challenger Andy Schmookler. That's out of more than 259,000 votes.

It was another easy victory for the incumbent in a race that was called just over an hour after the polls closed here in Virginia.

Goodlatte's grip wrapped around the entire district breaking down along the lines of the overall vote in most localities, losing just Roanoke City, Lexington and Harrisonburg to his opponent Schmookler.

After his acceptance speech at Hotel Roanoke, Goodlatte told the press there will be little time to waste once Congress is back in session with all of the near term issues facing the country. He is hopeful tonight's election will help break the Congressional stalemate.

"We still passed the bills we needed to keep the government operating. What we haven't been able to do is to give the country a clear sense of direction where they want to go and I'm hoping the election tonight will help clarify that," he said.

Goodlatte was first elected to Congress in 1992 with term limits as part of his platform.

After his 11th election, the Congressman said he will continue to run for re-election for as long as the people of the 6th District continue to elect him.