Blueprint Virginia Aims to Resolve Lynchburg's Economic Needs

Lynchburg, VA - Local business leaders, politicians, and educators, all voiced their concerns on the economic needs of the Lynchburg region Wednesday Night..

Blueprint Virginia, a state-wide initiative launched by the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, hosted the workshop at Central Virginia Community College.

The workshop was one of more than thirty others statewide. They will all be used to develop a blueprint or a set of economic priorities for the new governor of Virginia.

The project launched back in November. Since then, the state chamber has traveled to fifteen regions, collecting ideas to include in the blueprint.

The ultimate goal is to have the new governor, as well as state lawmakers, equipped with a real economic agenda that aims to benefit every area of the state.

When all of the workshops state-wide are said and done, more than thirty regions and thousands of business leaders, politicians and educators will have had a say in the blueprint.

The President of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce hosted the event Wednesday.

"Investing in young people so that they're work ready when they finish high school, or technical school, or four year institutions. Especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. We're also hearing the importance of improving transportation throughout the state," said Chamber President Barry DuVal.

DuVal also said the priorities will aim to reduce some of the economic disparities between different regions of the state.