Blue Ridge PBS Station Worried Over Potential Federal Budget Cuts

Roanoke, VA - Blue Ridge PBS says they will feel the effects of the potential federal budget cuts if they go through. Station management used the term "devastating", and a few others, to describe the situation if these cuts move forward because it would be just the latest in large amounts of funding the station has lost this fiscal year.

If this crisis isn't averted, Blue Ridge PBS says they will lose about $40,000 of the $750,000 federal grant they were promised this year.

While that may not seem like a lot, you have to consider that state funding this year was completely scrapped to the tune of $700,000.

If sequestration happens, and it looks like it will, Blue Ridge PBS will be out more than 50% of its government funding for this year.

"No matter what you do when you take those kind of cuts, especially in the middle of the fiscal year, they are devastating. I mean this could be programs we can't purchase. It could conceivably cost someone their job. We can't afford to go there because we are bare bones right now," said James Baum, president of Blue Ridge Public Television.

Ironically, on Saturday, the station will launch its main spring fund drive that has a goal of $150,000. They are hoping people will dig deep to help. That goal was set without considering the additional cut that will potentially be realized in March.