Update: ABC 13 Teams Up With Red Cross for Blood Drive

Bedford, VA - ABC 13 joined the American Red Cross on Tuesday to get you to donate blood. There were rooms set up at the Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg and the National Guard Armory in Bedford. People were in and out of those locations all day, but the Red Cross hasn't reached their goal. The Red Cross said this is the time of year they see a decrease in the number of blood donations. Each donor typically gives one unit of blood and that can save up to three lives. In the U.S., every two seconds someone is in need of blood, so the Red Cross hopes to keep up with that demand through this blood drive. Some new donors showed up on Tuesday and there were several repeat donors, including 92-year old Christine Eubank. She said she was first inspired to donate blood after her nephew became ill several years ago. "I'm a rare type. I am A/B negative and it is needed. I'm glad to share my blood with people and help," said Eubank. The whole process usually takes around an hour. The Red Cross recommends potential donors stay well hydrated and eat prior to coming in. So get out and donate!------------------------------Lynchburg, VA - ABC 13 is joining the American Red Cross to kick off our blood drive on Tuesday in Lynchburg and Bedford. The Red Cross sees a drop in donations during the summer months as people head off to vacation and they are hoping to bring those numbers up. There are two locations where you can donate blood: The Kirkley Hotel in Lynchburg and the National Guard Armory in Bedford. Both places will be taking donations until 7 p.m. tonight.