Blighted Areas in Uptown Martinsville Getting Makeover Thanks to Facade Improvement Grant

Martinsville, VA-- Some areas in Uptown Martinsville are getting a makeover.

Martinsville City won a Facade improvement grant in 2010 from the Community Development Block Program. It gave the city over $695,000 to improve storefront buildings that are in blighted areas in the city.

According to the Martinsville City Community Planner, their first round of renovations started in January, and the second round is coming up very soon. The renovations include adding awnings, new windows, and new street lamps.

"It really helps the recruitment because when potential business owners or property owners or investors come in the area, and they see a a newly revitalized area, they're more likely to want to come and locate there," said Susan McCulloch, Martinsville City Community Planner.

McCulloch also said this is all part of the Uptown Martinsville Master Plan. They hope to have 23 buildings take part in the program.