Blasting Begins As VDOT Addresses Potential Landslide on I-81

Montgomery Co., VA - Blasting has begun on I-81 as engineers work to avoid a landslide after a large crack opened on a Montgomery County mountainside.

The crack formed soon after crews finished adding a truck lane to I-81 in the area.

The concern is that the large chunk of mountainside could slide onto the interstate.

Wednesday is the first of several days needed for blasting that will cause some traffic issues as rolling roadblocks will be used.

On the first day weather caused a few problems.

"We had to go early. We announced the blast would happen at 10:30 but we tried to rush it to get ahead; to get it done before the rain started and set in... which we were able to do that. Traffic was slowed down for about 30 minutes in the area with the congestion," said Jason Bond a VDOT Spokesman from the Salem Headquarters.

The next scheduled day for blasting is Tuesday morning, weather permitting.